Vibration Analysis & ACE Controls

ACE Controls offers innovative solutions in isolation technology and vibration isolation. The products they offer are differentiated by their light weight design and wide variety. The product range extends from extremely low frequency isolating leveling mounts to ready-to-install rubber-metal isolators and damping pads. With this range of products, ACE is capable of offering a customized […]

SMAC Actuators Wins Patent on Unique Capping and Closure Method

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has patented their unique approach to automatic capping applications with their linear rotary electric actuators.  The patented Automatic Capping Method with real time quality feedback utilizes SMAC’s Soft-land capability which allows on-the-fly detection of contact to the top of the bottle, vial or container. SMAC’s patented ability to monitor positions, torques, […]

Level Up With Canfield Connector

Our supplier, Canfield Connector, is helping us expand into NEW markets! They have a new EIS – Electronic Inclinometer Sensor and ETS Electronic Tilt Sensor! These sensors provide efficinet and accurate angle measurement for heavy equipment, mobile equipment, factory automation, construction, solar power and many other applications. Both products are essential to applications that merit […]

CONTROLAIR Type 300 and Type 330 Regulators in stock and ready to ship

It has been a very busy summer 2019 here, but our supplier partner ControlAir and their fantastic operations have done a good job of putting some commonly used items on the shelf.  Please see the shortlist below.  At Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc., we know our customers like to “buy what’s on the shelf at our […]

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