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Since its beginnings in 1972, Air Specialists has grown to become a premier pneumatic and automation solutions provider for industry in the Midwest.

Here is WHY!


We deliver products accurately and on-time as well as communicate the status of your order. We take pride in our superior customer service.


From pneumatic and automation knowledge to inventory availability, Air Specialists Worldwide keeps your plant operating at maximum efficiency. Our team will bring the right solution to your application. We welcome the challenge!


We deliver your quote requests in 1 hour or less directly to your inbox.


Questions Being Asked By Our Customers of Air Specialists Team Members

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  • Will my company's supply chain be more efficient when I work with Air Specialists?
  • Will Air Specialists help position my company better in the marketplace?
  • Will my company make more money when I work with Air Specialists?
  • Will my company save time and resources with Air Specialists product offerings and solutions?
  • How will working with Air Specialists impact my company's bottom line?


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