MRO Strategy – is it working?

MRO in the manufacturing sense refers to the maintenance, repair and operations of a plant’s machinery and equipment. Further, management of the MRO is playing a more significant role especially around supply chain. COVID-19 and its affect on supply chain has brought more attention to the sourcing and procurement of MRO. At Air Specialists Worldwide, […]

What’s the difference between fittings and adapters?

Hydraulic fittings and adapters are often assumed to be the same. Any given technician installing components during plumbing will tend to use the verbiage familiar to him or her and will use the words interchangeably. Of course, they are not the same, or they wouldn’t be segregated as two words in the English language! ContiTech’s […]

Need Help Locating Replacements for Discontinued or Obsolete Parts?

Your MRO strategy is executing as planned. But as you know, the best laid plans are not perfect. The issue of replacing discontinued or obsolete parts is inevitable. Where are discontinued or obsolete parts likely to occur? If an OEM stops making a machine due to upgrading the next version, the OEM will stop supporting […]

Fabco-Air vs. Bimba throwaway cylinders

Does price matter? What about quality? Lead time? See example below re: Fabco-Air vs. Bimba list price comparison. As for quality, whether you choose Fabco, Bimba, Numatics, etc., for your low-cost throwaway cylinder brand, all these manufacturers test their cylinders to at least 1M cycles – but who’s counting? All these cylinders are built when […]

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