Maintenance Planning – 5 Ideas to Consider

How many maintainers does it take to successfully run a 100,000 square foot manufacturing operation?

The short answer is that it doesn’t matter how many maintainers you have but rather what are the strategic goals of the plant and how can you manage and optimize this role.

The following are 5 ideas around better defining the maintenance planning role:

  1. Create, manage, and optimize the maintenance planning and work program. Do you know your most critical production assets? Is critical determined by age of machine, use or failure? Or quite possibly production? Do you have a regularly schedule maintenance program (preventative maintenance)? Or  are you always in reactive mode?
  2. Do you currently use a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software to assist in regular maintenance? And if not a CMMS some database or tracking mechanism like excel to keep accurate and current records?
  3. The maintenance planner role can serve as a liaison between engineering, operations, storeroom and purchasing.
  4. Consider having the maintenance planner role assist production production personnel to optimize the balance between maintenance, nonmaintenance and project work.
  5. The maintenance planner role, if defined correctly, can not only assist with maximizing performance, availability, reliability and quality of output but also minimize total cost of ownership.

For best results, the maintenance planning role is set up as a centralized function. The goals of the planner should be shared with the engineering, operations and material management functions.

At Air Specialists Worldwide, we support maintenance planners as follows:

  • Supply MRO parts for upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • Provide technical guidance when performance of a machine or production area seems less than optimal
  • Offer guidance on old, outdated machines when replacements parts become obsolete

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