JANATICS Pneumatic – our newest line of pneumatic products!

JANATICS Pneumatic – our newest line of pneumatic products!

Since 1977, JANATICS has grown to be one of the leading world class manufacturers of pneumatic products. The breadth of products include air cylinders, directional control valves, air line valves, air preparation units, one touch fittings, tubing and pneumatic accessories. Janatics is certified as follows: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 Please […]

Welcome to Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. Learn About Us!

Welcome to You landed in the right place if you are looking for a resource for fluid power and motion control products! Since 1972, Air Specialists has served as a distributor of fluid power and motion control products to the Bi-State area (Missouri and Illinois). We have earned a reputation for customer service, integrity […]

BEACH Filters Clear the Air – reminder going into the Fall 2022

As the cool Fall air comes in, it also brings pollutants and contaminants. Make sure your filters and breathers are ready and refreshed. As a best practice, check and/or replace your front line of defense every 3 to 6 months. We stock BEACH Desiccant Filter Elements.  Don’t forget your filter housings need maintenance too! We […]

Vibration Analysis & ACE Controls

ACE Controls offers innovative solutions in isolation technology and vibration isolation. The products they offer are differentiated by their light weight design and wide variety. The product range extends from extremely low frequency isolating leveling mounts to ready-to-install rubber-metal isolators and damping pads. With this range of products, ACE is capable of offering a customized […]

SMAC Actuators Wins Patent on Unique Capping and Closure Method

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has patented their unique approach to automatic capping applications with their linear rotary electric actuators.  The patented Automatic Capping Method with real time quality feedback utilizes SMAC’s Soft-land capability which allows on-the-fly detection of contact to the top of the bottle, vial or container. SMAC’s patented ability to monitor positions, torques, […]

Go Big with Beach Filter EX Series Disposable Breathers

BEACH Filters provides point-of-use compressed air and oil filtration for your operations. Specifically, the Beach EX Series disposable breathers deliver higher flow, larger capacity, check-valve technology and new honeycomb oil mist reducer. Please review the BEACH Extended Series Breather flyer. Please contact John Hirlinger, Air Specialists Worldwide, phone 636-326-5900 or email: for additional information […]

Looking For A Critical Part To Keep Your Plant Running?!

OUR INVENTORY Our large, local inventory and vast supplier network allow customers to consolidate their purchasing. This results in less paperwork, inventory reduction, lower procurement costs, and improved profitability. We use locally-based (St.Louis, MO) delivery service or UPS to quickly and efficiently deliver materials when and where they are needed. The products we stock are […]

Hydronics – Air Driven Hydraulic Power Unit Solutions for Workholding

Hope all is safe and healthy and WARM! Temperatures in the Midwest in the coming week are dipping down to zero! How about that for global warming! Hydronics, the company behind “not-so-new” air driven hydraulic power units, has unique solutions for heavy duty work holding applications. These pumps are ideal for heavy duty work holding […]

NEW Tolomatic ServoWeld CSWX spot welding actuator

NEW Tolomatic ServoWeld CSWX spot welding actuator

The Compact ServoWeld® Actuator (CSWX) is the latest generation of ServoWeld actuators offering high force capability in a smaller package. Its modular design allows the CSWX to more easily adapt to project variability and supports our global manufacturing strategy. Tolomatic’s ServoWeld family of lighter weight integrated servo motor actuators for resistance spot welding (RSW) provide a cost-effective actuator […]

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