Position Sensing Cylinders & Switches

There are 4 main types of position sensing devices for cylinders (applies to both pneumatic and hydraulic): Tie rod mounted limit switches that are actuated by a magnetic piston. End-of-stroke proximity switches that are actuated by the cylinder cushion boss. Linear displacement transducer constructed as a probe inside the cylinder rod. Servo-type positioner for an […]

Fabco-Air Cylinders – Best in class products, solutions and support in the pneumatic industry?

I have worked with Gainesville, FL based Fabco-Air for the last 7+ years. For me to go out on a limb and announce that Fabco-Air is “Best in class products…” while also experiencing comparable brand names such as Bimba, SMC, Festo and Numatics, is a little crazy. But let me explain….. Fabco-Air manufactures all products […]

Welcome to Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. Learn About Us!

Welcome to You landed in the right place if you are looking for a resource for fluid power and motion control products! Since 1972, Air Specialists has served as a distributor of fluid power and motion control products to the Bi-State area (Missouri and Illinois). We have earned a reputation for customer service, integrity […]

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