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MRO Strategy – is it working?

MRO in the manufacturing sense refers to the maintenance, repair and operations of a plant's machinery and equipment. Further, management of the MRO is playing a more significant role especially around supply chain. COVID-19 and its affect on supply chain has brought...

Level Up With Canfield Connector

Our supplier, Canfield Connector, is helping us expand into NEW markets! They have a new EIS - Electronic Inclinometer Sensor and ETS Electronic Tilt Sensor! These sensors provide efficinet and accurate angle measurement for heavy equipment, mobile equipment, factory...

Position Sensing Cylinders & Switches

There are 4 main types of position sensing devices for cylinders (applies to both pneumatic and hydraulic): Tie rod mounted limit switches that are actuated by a magnetic piston. End-of-stroke proximity switches that are actuated by the cylinder cushion boss. Linear...