Need Help Locating Replacements for Discontinued or Obsolete Parts?

Your MRO strategy is executing as planned. But as you know, the best laid plans are not perfect. The issue of replacing discontinued or obsolete parts is inevitable.

Where are discontinued or obsolete parts likely to occur?

  • If an OEM stops making a machine due to upgrading the next version, the OEM will stop supporting old equipment and more often than not provide substitutes.
  • If a machine is discontinued then the 3rd party replacement manufacturer often phases out parts for these old machines.

Now what? How do you go about locating alternative parts that are cost-effective, readily available, and will “fit-form-function” in the machinery?

  • Google is your best friend. Yes, you can search the internet in the hopes of someone out there still has a part,
  • The OEM may still have surplus. Contact them.
  • 3D printers is increasing becoming an option depending on the part.
  • Replace your old machine. Typically, this is not a timely or cost effective solution.
  • Repair the part.

If all of the above fails (or you have already read past the 5 bullet points), contact Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. to assist you best course of action. 90% of the time we find a cost effective alternative.

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