Fabco-Air vs. Bimba throwaway cylinders

Does price matter? What about quality? Lead time?

See example below re: Fabco-Air vs. Bimba list price comparison.

As for quality, whether you choose Fabco, Bimba, Numatics, etc., for your low-cost throwaway cylinder brand, all these manufacturers test their cylinders to at least 1M cycles – but who’s counting?

All these cylinders are built when ordered. Who can get it out the fastest? As a long time Fabco-Air Premier Distributor, we work closely with Fabco production to communicate, on a case-by-case basis, customer necessity (i.e. machine is down – need tomorrow! OR cylinder started bleeding air – would be OK to get in a week)

Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. can cross-over the majority of Bimba cylinders! Call today or click the Quote button on our home page!

SR-173-DP       59.55 F-1500D02-03A       49.84        9.71 19.5%
702-DXP     157.00 F-3000D02-02A     145.67      11.33 7.8%
046-DXP       40.95 F-0750D04-06A       35.18        5.77 16.4%
091-DXDE       45.25 F-1062D13-01A       41.37        3.88 9.4%
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