Koganei – Our newest supplier!

Our newest supplier, Koganei, is a leading distributor of pneumatic products, including valves, cylinders, shocks, and regulators, and electrical equipment, like actuators and static electricity removers. Their exclusive iB series strives to find the best combination of adaptability and functionality in pneumatic products. Additionally, Koganei is proud to offer the world’s smallest 3 way valve to its customers.

A recent Koganei story with one of its customers….

Sometimes adults are so much like children….As a father I’ve asked, “Why did you do that?” The response from the child, “well, everyone was doing that.” This week, I asked a GROUP of adult engineers for LARGE company that makes very expensive machines, “Why are you choosing to buy those cheap components that vary in performance valve to valve?” To my joy, they responded, “well we don’t know, that is what everyone else has been buying.” Bravo! Thus the child learns….. Please for the sake of your reputation, contact Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc., a Koganei distributor instead of a catalog house where “everyone else goes.” The value of your machines or device is the sum of the components that make your machine or device!

If you have any questions about a Koganei product, or if you are interested in getting a quote, use our website’s Fast Quote button or contact an Air Specialists expert today!

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