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Koganei – our newest supplier!

Our newest supplier, Koganei, is a leading distributor of pneumatic products, including valves, cylinders, shocks, and regulators, and electrical equipment, like actuators and static electricity removers. Their exclusive iB series strives to find the best combination of adaptability and functionality in pneumatic products. You can find the list of iB products that they offer here. Additionally, Koganei is proud to offer the world’s smallest 3 way valve to its customers. If you are interested, you can find more information about it here.

A recent Koganei story with one of its customers….

Sometimes adults are so much like children….As a father I’ve asked, “Why did you do that?” The response from the child, “well, everyone was doing that.” This week, I asked a GROUP of adult engineers for LARGE company that makes very expensive machines, “Why are you choosing to buy those cheap components that vary in performance valve to valve?” To my joy, they responded, “well we don’t know, that is what everyone else has been buying.” Bravo! Thus the child learns….. Please for the sake of your reputation, contact Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc., a Koganei distributor instead of a catalog house where “everyone else goes.” The value of your machines or device is the sum of the components that make your machine or device!

If you have any questions about a Koganei product, or if you are interested in getting a quote, use our website’s Fast Quote button or contact an Air Specialists expert today!

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TOLOMATIC – New ACSI integrated servo motor/drive/controller creates space-saving, all-in-one actuator solution

Tolomatic’s new integrated servo motor/drive/controller creates space-saving, all-in-one actuator solution for single-axis applications


Mount the ACSI controller to a Tolomatic (or any) electric actuator for a complete motion system; control with a simple digital I/O, analog input or robust industrial EtherNet


Tolomatic’s new ACSI integrated servo motor creates a space-saving, integrated servo motor/drive/controller electric actuator solution for single-axis applications. Integrating the drive/controller into the servo motor saves space on the machine by eliminating the drive box. Designed for easy-to-use, cost-effective servo control, the ACSI servo motor controller is ideal for replacing pneumatic cylinders and automating other axes of motion. With built-in configurations for all of Tolomatic’s electric actuators, the ACSI servo motor control creates linear motion quickly and easily in the desired linear units (mm or inch) via a USB or Ethernet port. Additionally, the ACSI supports a rotary axes and third-party actuator control.

Available in two sizes (NEMA 23 & 34), the ACSI features easy-to-use operating modes such as digital I/O index moves, analog position (0-10Vdc or 4-20mA), ODVA™ conformant EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP. Additional features include a standard IP65 rating, industry standard M12 connectors, dual Ethernet ports with LED indicators and a USB programming port.

The ACSI is designed to be controlled from a PLC or master controller via 24 Vdc digital I/O, 0-10 Vdc or 4-20ma analog I/O, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP. The dual-port Ethernet implementation allows for many drives to be daisy-chained and controlled by a PLC or master controller; EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP also allows for infinite position capability.

“When the ACSI is ordered with a Tolomatic actuator, Tolomatic will mount the motor, configure it for the actuator, and fully test the system before shipping to the customer. Not only does this save customers design and configuration time, it also ensures a very high quality single axis solution from one supplier,” said Nick Holmgard, product marketing engineer, Tolomatic.

The EtherNet/IP implementation is very robust with ODVA conformance and has already passed an EtherNet/IP PlugFest event. It is an I/O assembly-based implementation with a high-performance integrated switch, allowing the ACSI to live on any network topology including ring topology with Device Level Ring support. Additionally, the ACSI has a keyed Add-on-profile (AOP) and a full suite of Add-on-instructions (AOI) for easy, seamless integration into Rockwell Automation PLCs.

Call a Solutions Provider at Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. 636-326-5900 for more details!

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ROSS Controls Expanded DM Valve Series

ROSS Controls®, introduces an expansion to its existing DM Series Valve family for air dump /

safety exhaust applications. The ROSS® DM1 Series C Valve is a 3/2 Control Reliable Double

Valve with dynamic monitoring that can be used in Category 4 PL e applications that include a memory reset function that is

managed at the PLC level and not internal to the valve.

The DM1 Series C Valve is available in port sizes ranging from ½– 1”, has a highly contaminant tolerant poppet construction and is

base mounted for convenience. Other options include port threads, voltages, and electrical connections.

Additionally, this pending BG Certified valve will soon be included in the SISTEMA library data that is downloadable from the ROSS


Control Reliable Energy Isolation Valves enable rapid exhaust of downstream air when de-energized to remove stored energy and

allow safe access to work areas. The DM1 Series C is the latest addition to the ROSS® Energy Isolation Valve family, which covers

a wide range of sizes and options including being combined with lockout valves and filter regulators in air entry packages.

Please contact a Solutions Provider at Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. 636-326-5900 for more information.


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Fabco-Air Cylinders – Best in class products, solutions and support in the pneumatic industry?

I have worked with Gainesville, FL based Fabco-Air for the last 7+ years. For me to go out on a limb and announce that Fabco-Air is “Best in class products…” while also experiencing comparable brand names such as Bimba, SMC, Festo and Numatics, is a little crazy. But let me explain…..

  • Fabco-Air manufactures all products in Gainesville, FL. I believe all the comparable air cylinder products are made over borders or overseas. Proud to say “Made in the USA”.
  • The combined experience in the engineering exceeds 100+ years. This world class team continues to support current products on new application as well as add new products.
  • Customer support starts with answering the phone, assistance with product and application questions, the Fabco Fast shipping program, and a comprehensive website.

In 2016 alone, I have worked with Fabco on several applications in the packaging and plastic molding applications. Technical? Maybe a little. Major redesign? Not at all. Costly? Not compared to other options that were being considered. Fabco-Air stands behind the “Simple solutions for difficult applications”!

Need some help with your application? Looking for a cost-effective redesign? Give me a call 636-326-5900!


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CEJN – The Leading Global Quick Connect Coupling Specialists!

Did you know – You can find CEJN in every corner of the world and CEJN proudly carries the reputation as the leading global quick connect coupling specialist. Born and developed through Swedish ingenuity gives CEJN a heritage to be proud of. “Made in Sweden” provides a seal of high industrial quality. Add “by CEJN” and customers get quick connect couplings with the assurance of quality and superior performance to guarantee professional use and customer benefit.

Air Specialists is proud to represent the CEJN product line. Give us a call today!

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Fabco-Air – News

In 2015, Fabco-Air, Inc. launched the Fabco Fast Shipping Program. The initial introduction of the Fabco Fast Shipping Program included 2 of the most popular product types in the air cylinder market. These are the FCQN Series OEM Type NFPA Interchangeable cylinder line and the F Series Non-Repairable Interchangeable product line. Later in the year, the FA-Series Air Preparation product line was added to the program as well.

Fabco-Air is pleased to announce the addition of the “Original” Pancake® Air Cylinder product line to the Fabco Fast Shipping Program.

The “Original” Pancake® Air Cylinder 2 Day Shipping Program includes:

  • 8 Bore Sizes (1/2″ – 4″)
  • Strokes from 1/16″ to 4″
  • “T” Series – Thicker Piston Option that includes a rugged PTFE wear band.
  • 4 Mount Styles
  • Both Single and Double Rod Configuration
  • Multitude of Useful Options
  • Male Rod Thread
  • Magnetic Piston
  • Bumpers
  • High Temperature Seals
  • Non-Rotating Piston Rod
  • Plus Much More
  • To recap, the Fabco Fast Shipping Program is both comprehensive and user-friendly! Subsequently, Fabco-Air guarantees to ship up to a quantity of 10 of a specific part number (from the Fabco Fast catalog) in 2 business days (or less). Again, orders must be received before 3:00 p.m. (EST). Please note that Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not considered as business days.

Please contact Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. 636-326-5900 customer service with any questions.

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New Shock for PET Machines – ACE Controls

ACE Controls Introduces New Shock for PET Machines
Ace Controls has introduced a new shock specifically designed for PET bottle blowers. These all new shocks allow you to optimize your blower for faster speeds and higher temps while providing longer intervals between shock maintenance. These MAXIMACE PET27M features several technical improvements that contribute to their longer life and faster speeds:

  • Innovative 7000 series aluminum outer tube for improved heat dissipation.
  • Larger oil reservoir for improved heat dissipation and longer life.
  • Newly designed seals and accumulators deliver superior performance and longer life at higher temperature and operating speeds.

Engineered to optimize PET blowers from the two major manufacturers, PET27M is duty rated for over 20 Million cycles. These units have special features such as color coding by application and female hex ends to reduce install/remove times.

Ace Control’s created an easy-to-use guide for our application engineers spec shocks on behalf of customers for optimum operation.

Please call Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc.

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Welcome to Air Specialists Worldwide, Inc. Learn About Us!

Welcome to You landed in the right place if you are looking for a resource for fluid power and motion control products!

Since 1972, Air Specialists has served as a distributor of fluid power and motion control products to the Bi-State area (Missouri and Illinois). We have earned a reputation for customer service, integrity and product knowledge. As a small, but ever growing business, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest quality products as well as keeping you up-to-date on the latest product developments.